Welcome to Ares Studio

We are a professional and extremely customer minded commission painting studio based in Denmark. We offer our clients a service where we make wargaming dreams a reality. From start to finish we are careful to ensure you are informed and get exactly what you envisioned for your miniatures.

We will make sure you are getting exactly what’s right for you, both in choosing the painting and basing levels as well as what is financially right for you. Here at Ares Studio we do our best to have a strict timeline for your project, so you can have your models, in hand, as quickly as possible – ready for the tabletop. However, we do not compromise with our very high level of painting and we make sure that you can be proud to put your models on the battlefield anywhere.

At Ares Studio we have all the paints, materials and equipment you can imagine to complete your project. With our painters having decades of experience and a passion for miniature painting, you are sure to be in good hands.

Please visit our Gallery for a look at our painting levels and head over to Contact, to make your dream project come true.