Ares Studio has two full time artists as well as several associates to accomodate any needs our clients may have.

Simon Darre Painter & founder

Simon lives miniature wargaming. Basically it consumes all of his time and all of his thoughts. With that kind of dedication, you are sure you will get your painting project back to you in good time and at the level of commitment you can only expect from a triple A service.

However, Simon also cares greatly for a good game of Warhammer 40k. Hence you might see him at various tournaments around the world.

Morten Kirsted Painter

Morten is an avid painter and a converter of some renown! You may have seen some of his work circling the internet - for example his awesome Chaos Knights that he piloted for the danish Warhammer 40K ETC team in 2018.

With 24 years in the hobby and a heart bleeding for anything “nerdy”, Morten is all about emerging into the settings of the game though greatly painted miniatures and ambient terrain.

Martin Bræmer Nielsen Wiz-kid & webmaster extraordinaire

Martin is the digital muscle of the company. He has painted quite a lot of armies being a huge fan of miniature wargames, however, he does not have the same level of passion for painting that he does for the world of coding. Rest assured that Martin will take care of any would-be problems that might occur with your digital experience of Ares Studio.

Remarkably Martin has been the captain of the danish 40k ETC team for 5 years and in 2018 he lead the team to a very respectable second place.