At Ares Studio we offer three distinct levels of painting. Each level has its own strenghts and you will be able to mix and match these levels from unit to unit to tailor your commission to fit the vision of your army and your budget. Please refer to our Gallery for pictures and a better idea of what you can expect from each level.

Painting Levels:

Bronze – Tabletop level – Our Bronze level you will have models that look great as a group. This is the go-to army standard and our Studio will make sure you have a fantastic looking army while being affordable all at the same time.

Silver – High Tabletop level – This level of painting is above and beyond what you normally see on the tabletop. Highlights and details are picked to a degree that makes each model interesting. It will make for a fantastic army and works great for characters as well.

Gold – Display level – Full attention to detail is the hallmark of our Gold level. This is perfect for characters and models you want to stand out but a whole army at this level will truly look incredible on the tabletop. Mutiple levels of highlighting and shading will ensure these centerpieces’ attention.